Travel Alert : Thailand civil unrest

Thailand | Wed, 26 Nov 2008 | 4584 views | 3 Comments

This is a very brief overview of the developing situation in Bangkok, Thailand.  We are keeping an eye on the situation, so come back for regular updates

What's happening in Thailand:

" Anti-government protesters stormed the control tower at Bangkok's main international airport on Wednesday 26 Nov...

... A series of small bomb blasts wounded several anti-government protesters blockading the airport on Wednesday, protest leaders said, as chaos ruled inside the terminal..."

From Reuters Alert Net (26 Nov 2008 06:04:35 GMT)

These disturbances are as a result of internal domestic issues.  Although foreigners have been affected by travel delays, there have been no reported attacks or acts of violence directed towards foreigners.

How does this affect travellers?

" Thai Airways, the national carrier, said 16 inbound flights had been diverted to Bangkok's old airport Don Muang, 45 kms from Suvarnabhumi, and another three flights to a Vietnam War-era airbase 150 kms southeast of Bangkok.

Budget carrier Air Asia, Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific halted service to the Thai capital, a major regional hub with 125,000 passengers passing through Suvarnabhumi daily."

From Reuters Alert Net (26 Nov 2008 06:04:35 GMT)

What is the official Govt Travel Advice?

This data can change frequently, so please check your local Government's website.  Also, register with your foreign affairs department so they can more easily find you in the event of an emergency.

Australian Govt

UK Govt - Foreign & Commonwealth Office

US Dept of State

Canada - Foreign Affairs & International Trade

What should you do?'s Insurance Director, Graham Kingaby gives this advice to travellers in Bangkok or thinking of travelling there...

  • Avoid all political gatherings or demonstrations
  • Avoid areas in and around government buildings, particularly around Govt House and Parliament and Police HQ.
  • Don't hang around Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang Airports unless travelling
  • Keep an eye on the airline websites if you are travelling through Bangkok to find out about travel disruptions or redirections
  • Advise friends and family of your location via phone, email or on your travel blog, just in case the situation deteriorates

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The website will continue to monitor this situation in the SafetyHub blog. 

Members of (you can sign up for FREE here) affected by this problem can call red24 on +27 21 700 3860 24/7 to get personal safety advice.


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  • emily said

    Hello. I have a world nomads policy and have flights booked to travel from BKK to MEL on saturday. Can you please advise if you are rebooking pax to fly from other destinations and if so what the prcedure is? Many Thanks, emily

  • safetyhub said

    Hi Emily,<br>You'd need to contact your airline directly to find out whether or not they are re-scheduling flights.<br>Please contact WorldNomads Customer Service with your policy number if you have any questions regarding your insurance cover.<br>Customer Service phone numbers and email is here:<br><br>Safe travels

  • Cat said

    Hi there,<br><br>I am going to travel from Melbourne to Thailand soon, and I'm unsure on if you cover costs involved with civil unrest in Thailand?<br><br>Thanks<br><br>Cat

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