5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going to Argentina

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If you’re traveling to Argentina you’ll most likely stop in Buenos Aires, which is by most accounts a very safe city, and local police keep it that way by actively patrolling all tourist areas. Violent crime is extremely rare, and smaller towns in Argentina are even safer than Buenos Aires.

Nevertheless, it is important to remember there are always pickpockets in tourist areas on the lookout for easy prey. Always protect your valuables and keep your passport and tickets in a safe at your hotel. The Buenos Aires barrio of La Boca, just a few blocks away from the famous street Caminito, has seen a number of thefts lately. Take special care when you’re in this area.

We know there is a lot to read before going to Argentina - like what vaccinations do you need? - so we asked our friends in the adventure travel space to give us some tips on what they wish they knew before they went to Argentina.

                            Photo courtesy of Flickr.com, by [Omar Uran].

1. Carry Change.

Check your 100 peso note BEFORE giving it to the shop assistant – they can claim it was counterfeit and give you back the counterfeit! Also, coins are like gold. It’s hard to get change anywhere and you can’t take a bus without coins! Mat Lewis, i-to-i

2. Avoid demonstrations.

They happen all too regularly in Buenos Aires and occasionally can get a bit violent. Agustina Marmol, Dolomite Mountains

WorldNomads: There are a couple of places in the city that are the focal point of protests. If there's going to be trouble, it'll be here.

3. Know Your Bearings.

Always know where you are on the map. Buenos Aires is the kind of place where fancier, tourist-friendly neighborhoods are directly adjacent to some rough spots. Josh Steinitz, NileGuide

4. Take Taxis at Night.

Buenos Aires is safe for women traveling and sightseeing alone, but you should be aware that the men there will whistle at you when you pass by, and comment on your looks. During the night it’s better to take a taxi to where you are headed instead of walking the streets alone, that applies if you are travelling alone or not, especially for La Boca area. Antonija, GeckoGo

WorldNomads: And watch out for these common scams and petty crimes.

5. Beware of Dogs.

There are large packs of dogs hanging around some of the bus stations, so beware. Most of the time they won’t bother you but it’s always better to travel with a friend, power in numbers. Christina Tunnah, WorldNomads

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What did you learn in Argentina and wish you knew before you went?  Leave us a comment...


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  • Ray said

    Always try to hand over the exact fare for a taxi ride - occasionally yoy will receive counterfeit notes in change if you handover a large note

  • Jess said

    Argentina has got less safe in recent years. Keep your guard up at all times and avoid any streets that are not crowded. I love Argentina, but it has it's ugly side. I was robbed in La Boca, two blocks from Caminito - some young guys pointed guns at me and my friend and set a pack of dogs on us. We got away without any serious injuries, but count ourselves lucky.
    Don't carry a debit/credit card with you (if you are robbed and they find it, they will escort you to a cash point and make you take out as much as you can). Keep some cash in your bra/shoe. Try to blend in in terms of clothing (including no fancy glasses).
    I hate guided tours, but for safety reasons I would recommend it if you want to visit La Boca or San Telmo. Also be careful in Once.

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